Cannero Riviera
Beautiful village located at Lago Maggiore. Renowned for her mild climate during the summer as well as the winter and for her remarkable flora with fruittrees like: bananatrees, orangetrees, lemontrees, olivetrees; thousands of flowertypes like Azalee, Rhododendrons, Magnolia, Camellia from the orient and Jasmin with its enchanting smell. <a href="../pict/normal/canneroriviera_01.jpg" target="_blank"></a> <a href="../pict/normal/canneroriviera_02.jpg" target="_blank"></a> A village of peace and relaxation with the possibility to go on guided boattours or by yourself using <a href="" target="_blank">pedalos or speedboats</a> to discover the wild side of Lago Maggiore and to admire the beautiful coastline villas. <a href="../pict/normal/castelli_01.jpg" target="_blank"></a> At just 1 km east of Cannero located on two small islands is the antique medieval castle prperty of the Borromeo family with the small prisons on the first island and the large fortress on the main island. Presently being restructured to function as a museum it will be visitable on the inside in the near future. <a href="../pict/normal/castelli_03.jpg" target="_blank"></a> Lago Maggiore, Cannero Riviera, Italy, Holiday